Im so in love with these moccasins! 
A friend of mine bought them at ALDO last year and she knows that I really like them 
so she said that I could borrow them for awhile! 
The "tattoo" that you can see on this picture is what I made in grafic tec. 
It was supposed to be black and white but my teacher thought it would look better in color 
(he was wrong)- if you look at it really close it looks pretty good but if you look at it from a little further away you can just see a brown "circle" and it looks as if I shat on my hand ahaha. 
Anyways, a lot of my friends have seen that sign on tumblr or weheartit before but they didnt know what it means 
so here's a short explanation for you:
 "The Hamsa (thats how it is called) is believed to provide defense against the evil eye. 
The evil eye is a look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck." I am non religious but it is really interesting that people believe that there is something like a "evil gaze" that can cause injury.
 I thought that this was really really interesting and I spent hours on researching about it. 
In the last to pictures you can see my attempt to take pictures using feathers. 
I had so many ideas but winnipeg is a really windy city so -of course- it was way too windy and they would just fly away within seconds. 
Im glad that I got at least two haha!
You should also really listen to these songs, youre gonna like them if you listen to the kooks etc :)
Love, Tina 
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  1. richtig schöne Bilder:)) Ich liebe sie :)

    sonnige Grüße


  2. Schoener Blog! :)
    Bei mir läuft im Moment eine Blogvorstellung, würde mich freuen, wenn du mitmachen würdest :-).


  3. die schuhe sind echt toll :)) tolle bilder :)

  4. schöne schuhe!!die sehen richtig gut aus! :))
    hast du lust bei meiner blogvorstellung mitzumachen?

  5. Die Schuhe sind ja richtig cool :) Gefallen mir richtig gut :)

    Liebe Grüße


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